SIP Trunking

SIP Trunking
4th February 2015 lantel

SIP Trunks

Lantel operate our own SIP/VOIP service which allows you to make cheap National/Mobile and international calls at a fraction of the cost you are already paying without any impact to your own current PBX infrastructure.

Onsite installation included!!

We have a team of trained VOIP engineers who will install your service free of charge.

SIP Trunks from Lantel allow our customers to use their existing PBX phone system on our SIP network. Lantel SIP Trunks provide a business-class voice service harnessing the full potential of high quality broadband links.

Benefits of Lantel SIP/VOIP proposal

  • Competitively priced National/Mobile and International calls
  • Backup phone lines in the event of Carrier PSTN/ISDN Faults
  • Original caller ID shown on calls diverted to mobiles.
  • Easy to setup for customers with Avaya IP Office/Panasonic NS700
  • Call Quality Monitoring
  • Secure and Reliable
  • Responsive support
  • Calls charged per second – no call set up or minimum call charges
  • Calls can be routed to specific only destination’s if required
  • Maintain your current PBX Infrastructure


SIP Savings

The savings that are made from switching to SIP providers is considerable; sometimes as much as 80% less than a regular phone line. By reducing numerous phone lines down to one point of entry remarkably lowers the cost of incoming lines and any cost associated with the upkeep of those lines. Savings are also made with SIP trunking by being able to purchase only the number of lines your business needs as opposed to be confined to plans that offer excess physical lines. SIP trunking makes communication efficient.

A Direct Inward Dialling number (DID), or a phone number, is also inexpensive when purchased with a SIP trunk. When a DID is facilitated by a traditional phone company, a charge is applied as well as charges for the IT, maintenance and hardware that connect the physical lines. Receiving a DID without the need for this infrastructure is cost effective.


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