What is PBX?

What is a PBX?

The Private Branch Exchange (PBX), is a private telephone system or exchange located within the company’s own business premises. It may be referred to as a number of different acronyms

  1. PBX; Private Branch Network
  2. PABX; Private Automatic Branch Exchange
  3. EPABX; Electronic Private Automatic Branch Exchange

PBX phone users can communicate with one another internally within their company and the outside world, using different communication channels like Voice over IP, ISDN or analog.

A PBX can scale from 2 internal extensions to several thousand.

“PBX is an automated internal telephone exchange”

What Does a PBX Do?

The functions of a PBX can be very complex, but basically, when you talk about PBX, you talk about stuff that does the following

Use of more than one telephone line in a company, and management of outgoing and incoming calls.

Splitting of one single phone line into several internal lines, which are identified through three or four-digit numbers called extensions, and switching calls to the appropriate internal line.

This saves the business from having to pay for several lines, and allows all departments to be reached through one single phone number.

Allow free phone communication within a company.

Empower the whole communication with VoIP (Voice over IP)and SIP,otherwise knows as a Hybrid PBX which has a tremendous amount of features and enhancements over traditional telephony, the most prominent being the cutting down of call costs.

Ensure good interface with customers through features like call recording, voicemail, IVR etc.

Automation of response to calling customers with Automatic Attendant or IVR (interactive voice response) whereby the system can automatically direct users to the most appropriate person or department through voice menus. It is similiar where, as a caller, you hear things like “Press 1 for the Sales, Press 2 for Accounts…”


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