IP Telephone Systems

Office Telephone Systems

 We offer a whole portfolio of Office telephone systems including Avaya, Nortel and Panasonic that address the needs of Small to Medium Businesses..

Today IP Enabled telephone Systems off the 21st century need to operate seamlessly with the modern IT equipment that is commonplace in the office of today. IP enabled telephone systems are now a necessity for most businesses

We only recommend the best phone solutions based on YOUR specific requirements

  • Simple, Reliable, Proven Telephone Solutions
  • Single or Multisite
  • Easy to Deploy , Use and Manage
  • Standard PSTN, ISDN or SIP phone lines
  • Choice of IP, Digital, Dect(wireless) or standard Analog phones
  • ON-Premise PBX or Hosted Cloud solutions
  • Call Logging for Real-time and historic reports
  • Emphasis on Cost Savings
  • Mobile Phone Integration
  • Softphones for PC, IPAD, Mobile phone
  • Scalable from two to hundreds of Phones
  • Facilitates Remote workers
  • Call Recording
  • Conferencing
  • Automated Attendant

Avaya IP Office

avaya-IP Office Phone Systems - Limerick - features

With Avaya IP Office Phone system, you will, Engage with your staff and customers like never before. Respond immediately.  Avaya’s solutions allow your workers to use virtually any device to be productive – desktops, a desk phone, or mobile phones.

You will have the power of a Unified Communications system that lets you engage everyone—your staff, your customers, your suppliers.  An IP Telephone system that is incredibly sophisticated, yet very simple to use.

IP Office is fully capable of handling up to 3,000 users in a single site and up to 150 locations.

IP Office can be based ON-premise or hosted within a Cloud Environment

The IP Office is a complete, across-the-board solution that brings it all together. From telephony and video to mobility and Contact centre applications, to networking, security, and ongoing services,

Also, IP Office works within your existing cabling infrastructure meaning that you don’t have to rewire your infrastructure for CAT 5 to install IP Office. If your building(s) is older, no expensive upgrades or rewiring is needed unless it is part of your business plan.   IP Office works across existing analog, digital AND IP technologies.

And IP Office helps you move into the future with complete support for IP and with built in capabilities that can be extended to users as they need the functionality.

Lower mobile phone and telecommuter long-distance charges by routing calls through the system

Rely on a built-in conferencing bridge to eliminate the need for expensive third-party conferencing services

Take advantage of the more flexible and lower cost IP-based voice network options


View our wide Choice of handsets

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Nortel BCM

Phone Systems - Limerick - featuresPhone Systems - Limerick - features

We will still support your existing Nortel BCM Phone systems regardless of how old it is as we carry a full complement of spares and certified Nortel Engineers

For those seeking an upgrade we recommend an easy and cost-effective transition to the Avaya IP Office

Why Upgrade Your BCM?

You should upgrade if your current Nortel BCM phone system is more than Five years old.

BCM and Nortel Meridian  customers save 40% to 60%! Upgrade your BCM to Avaya IP Office and preserve up to 60 percent of their original investment by migrating the most popular Nortel phone sets. It’s a powerful competitive advantage!

Support for T7000 and M7000 series sets, Audio Conferencing Unit, and Digital Mobility Solutions

New Digital Expansion Modules (DS16a & DS30a) & TCM8 Base Card supports heritage Nortel set


Phone Systems - Limerick - featuresPhone Systems - Limerick - features

The sales of Panasonic telephone systems in Ireland outnumbers those of any other manufacturer. Panasonic have built their reputation in the PBX and IP Phone supplier business as a very reliable and cost effective solution for small business.

Use Existing Panasonic Resources

Existing Panasonic phones can continue to be used, enabling a system to be upgraded to the latest VOIP PBX system at a very low cost.

Comes equipped with advanced applications and features, the hybrid digital phone systems we offer include an industry-leading mix of reliable PBX products coupled with VOIP technology, providing an efficient and flexible range of wired and wireless communication phone systems.

  • Smart IP PBX phone system for small and medium-sized businesses
  • Scalable from 2  extensions, up to 288 extensions with Expansion Units
  • Very Competitively priced
  • The system is known as a Hybrid phone system as it is capable of routing both VoIP and legacy PBX calls.
  • Cost effective for upgrades-Backwards compatible -Works with old legacy Panasonic handsets
  • Wide range of IP, Digital, Wireless or standard handsets
  • Interface to Door and Paging(Tannoy) units
  • Comes equipped as standard with Voicemail and Automated Attendant
  • Cost effective Installation and operation
  • Connects to Standard PSTN, ISDN or SIP phone lines
  • Operator Consoles

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