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Ask The Experts
4th February 2015 lantel

Our VoIP and ‘traditional’ PBX installations are of the highest standard and take advantage of the technology available to provide a robust and resilient telecoms solution.

Telecommunications Needs Assessment

At Lantel, we’re passionate about what we do. Lantel can provide complete needs analysis to determine client technology direction, solve existing problems, improve efficiency of existing systems, and review proposed systems in relation to present and future operational needs. The results of a complete needs analysis will allow your organization to make sound decisions on the future of your telecommunications systems.

With the tremendous change in available technology today coupled with the various solutions offered by a myriad of companies, many organizations feel overwhelmed with the choices for their telecommunications needs. Lantel understands this frustration. Lantel works with client organizations to determine the best manner in which to proceed with technology choices, network arrangements and simple communications options.

Lantel understands that the best manner in which to determine a client’s telecommunications direction is to conduct a full needs assessment. The results of such will fully answer such questions as:


  1. Do we need to replace our current PBX or Voice Mail systems?
  2. What do I do now that our current contract for services is expiring?
  3. What new technology is available to meet our needs?
  4. What is the cost of the new technology we may need?
  5. How can I ensure that we are using our systems to the best advantage?
  6. How to I communicate with my branch offices more effectively?
  7. Is there a better way to use our current systems?
  8. How do I proceed to take advantage of what is on the market today?
  9. How to I use new technology to compete in my industry?
  10. Telecom Security

Telephone network hacking and fraud is becoming a serious problem in . Each and every day an organisation suffers a major loss from hackers .Anyone with a telephone or voicemail system is at risk.

a).An attacker who has compromised your system can:

b).Make toll calls at your expense

c).Listen to your voicemail

d).Maliciously reprogram your system

e).On-sell the use of your system to others

f).Disable your organisations voice communications

Lantel can answer those questions by providing a complete assessment of your telecommunications needs.



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